J111158 : Digital Signal Processing


Class News :

Name : Jun Ji (走 層, 鬨 駢)
Physical Office: Science Building B101
Virtual Office:http://ise.hansung.ac.kr/jun
E-mail: jun@hansung.ac.kr

Time & Place:
Day Class:
     Monday    1:00 ~ 1:50   Sci. Bld.-102
     Tuesday 10:00 ~ 11:50  Sci. Bld.-103
Evening Class:
     Monday  9:40 ~ 10:30  Sci. Bld.-103
     Tuesday 8:45 ~ 10:30  Sci. Bld.-B116

Class Homepage:
Text book:
Leland B. Jackson, Digital Filters and Signal Processing: 3rd edition , Toppan/Kluwer, 1996.
Lecture Notes:

Assignment and Quiz:
Assignment will be given from 8 to 10 times.
Quiz will be given as many as possible.

Grade Weighting:
Participation : 25 % ( attendance, questions, etc.)
Midterm Exam : 25 %
Final Exam: 25 %
Assignment & Quiz : 25 %

- Alan V. Oppenheim and Ronald W. Schafer, Digital Signal Processing: Prentice Hall.

- Vinay K. Ingle and John G. Proakis, Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB V.4, PWS Publishing Company.
- Emmanuel C. Ifeachor and Barrie W. Jervis, Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Approach, Addison Wesley Publishing Company Inc.
- The Math Works Inc., The Student Edition of MATLAB for MA-DOS PC: Prentice Hall.

Laboratory Tool:
Matlab Online Manual

Getting started with MATLAB (at local)

Signal Processing Toolbox (at local)

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